Elegant Lighting With Rechargeable LED Candles on Trays

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Adding life to any space can be accomplished with the most important of all design aspects: light! Whether its warmth, style, season or emotion you’re focused on, subtle use of appropriate lighting will not only spotlight important accents, but also safety and security factors in your business. Rechargeable LED candles on trays provides your establishment with an efficient, economical, and authentic lighting alternative. Now used by top commercial designers and decorators to enhance the customer experience, this solution is perfect for daily candle users in the restaurant, spa, hotel and finer hospitality establishments.
The number of wholesale flameless candle suppliers has grown quickly, but the industry originals still provide commercial users with the innovative features and new product applications to meet growing demand. While innovative restaurateurs and hoteliers continue to lead the market adoption of flame-free candles, creative deployments are also crossing into less traditional venues and applications. Consumers continue to drive the adoption rate, as they vote with their spending and feedback from more authentic feeling experiences.
If you are a commercial user of candlelight, here’s what you should know about this elegant and affordable lighting alternative:

An Economical Solution

While ‘open flame’ has been the only option until fairly recently, innovation in flame free candles has been cause for many fine restaurants and spas to switch to rechargeable electric LED candles. The days of having to continually restock and replace tea lights or fuel, have been usurped by an authentic looking alternative that looks so real your customers won’t be able to tell the difference. Recharging and reusing electric tea lights and votives saves money and it is a hassle free way of providing that same calming glow to your guests’ service experience.

Long Lasting



Place your rechargeable LED candles in a standard candle holder, and they will flicker for up to 15 hours and each candle can be reused up to 1,000 times. Enjoy years of cost-free, safe, and environmentally friendly candlelight.


Convenient and Easy to Use


With recent innovations in sophisticated rechargeable candle systems now on the market like the EasyStack charging tray, your staff can vertically stack up to four trays (48 candles) simultaneously, saving space and streamlining the simple and fast recharging process. In just three hours, the candles are fully charged and ready for your guests to enjoy.


Realistic Wick Design


The latest in LED candles not only simulate the movement, glow and warmth of pure candlelight, they look so real that your customers may try to blow one out! Look for versions that have the realistic wick design with a burnt wick appearance at the top.  


An offering of sophistication and unique character is the goal of any fine hospitality establishment. While discerning clientele insist on a memorable service experience complete with all of the little details that lesser choices do not offer, it’s still a for profit business with operational and financial responsibilities to manage.


It’s both refreshing and rare to find a simple, unique, and elegant solution that also contributes to your bottom line!

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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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